Tips to speed up your VPN connection

As practice shows, a number of high-quality and reliable VPN providers have worried about the possibility of using a solid internet connection and undertaken necessary steps to ensure downloads/uploads while remaining fast speeds without bringing direct harm to anonymity or privacy.

Why VPNs affect the results of connection speeds

Most speed issues with VPN services may depend on three basic causes: low-quality operation, high encryption level and actual geographical location. Having subscribed for a trustworthy and time-tested VPN provider, the first cause may be solved. It’s an open fact that high-quality providers do not skimp on a decent hardware and provide fast internet connection for all subscribers.

Encryption is a great option which unfortunately has some disadvantages. The encoding process of transferred data requires additional information to make it uneasy to decipher. That is exactly why all the available bandwidth may be reduced while making data packets larger and more difficult to download. However, choosing the weaker level of encryption for reaching faster speed results, your connection security is reduced compromising your anonymity and online privacy.

Geographical location is regarded as the most important factor affecting VPN connection speeds. While that is certainly advantageous to choose a proper VPN server to connect located in various countries in order to bypass region locked content or gaining extra measures of data privacy, it would reject speeds drastically. In other words, the physical distance is able to violate connectivity simply because data packets have to travel a longer distance.

Tips to speed up your VPN

Even if you have chosen a reliable and fast VPN provider but still had issues with slow speeds, pay your attention to the following tips that have already helped thousands of VPNs’ users:

  • Change VPN servers

As is already known, the physical area between your computer and the VPN server you are connected to has a sufficient impact on internet speeds. In such a manner, if you have no need connecting to a certain country’s servers, try to switch to a closer server to check the connection issue is resolved.


  • Use different devices

Some network-connected gadgets are not supplied with the abilities to provide fast internet browsing. Therefore, you should connect from a PC, laptop, mobile devices or tablets in order to choose the better device for internet surfing.


  • Connect to wired networks

Wireless networks can be unreliable when it comes to speed results, especially if you have decided to browse in an area where lots of Wi-Fi hotspots located. In such a situation the best solution is to connect over a hard network cable.


  • Disable certain security software

Unfortunately, such security software as firewalls and antivirus apps can cause drastic lag issues with network connections since they scan incoming traffic. All you need is to disable the local security software temporarily to see if that help in speeding up internet speed.


  • Select another ports and protocols

VPN software is operated by connecting to a specific port number and protocols. In fact, some local networks are able to limit the speed of some ports that harm your connection regarding high-speeds results delivered by your service provider. To improve this situation, you have to check your VPN software’s configurations to switch ports for an instant speed boosting.


  • Reboot the system


As practice shows, the method of restarting your device while closing your VPN software may solve the speeds issue when all the mentioned advices are failed.

Summing up, there are many factors that impact the speeds you experience when connecting to a VPN service. Some of them are regulated by your VPN provider and ISP, but you are also able to control over how fast your VPN works.

Beyond all doubts, you’ll enjoy fast connection speeds while connecting to a VPN by complying with the proven time-tested tips.

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  1. Actually, I am a beginner in VPN using and didn’t know that VPN can slow down internet connection. After reading this post, I’ll try to use the tips to speed up my VPN. Very useful.

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