How to choose the best VPN for connection speed

Having decided to run the quickest VPN service, download and upload bandwidths are usually at the top of the requirements list. Also essential is the fact that internet connectivity depends greatly on the distance between your geographical region and the location of the server you have selected to connect.

To correct the situation, a reliable VPN provider offers unlimited bandwidth while allowing multiple devices to connect simultaneously and switch servers to select the best one for fast connection speed. However, it should also maintain high users’ security level by providing up-to-date data protection features.

What is download speed?

In simple terms, your download speed is a standardized dimension of information that is retrieved from the network to your device in a given second. This affects how fast the data can be pulled from the server to you. Download speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbit/s) determining the rate at which web pages are rendered by your web browser or how fast you are able to download files or stream video content.

Internet speed for Netflix streaming
For example, Netflix recommends the following download speeds for their video content streaming:
Download Speed Recommendations
0.5 Mbit/s Required connection bandwidth
1.5 Mbit/s Recommended connection bandwidth
3.0 Mbit/s Preferable for SD quality
5.0 Mbit/s Preferable for HD quality
25 Mbit/s Preferable for Ultra HD quality

As practice shows, download speed is usually higher than upload bandwidth, being that the average netizen spends more time downloading files that uploading them.

What should be download speed results?

In order to evaluate the quality of your VPN service, try to measure VPN connection bandwidth by using proper online services and compare received information with ISP’s speed results.

Look through the following guidelines on download speeds for finding out what the VPN service is capable of:

2-4 Mbit/s considered sufficient for daily web surfing and email checking; might be enough to stream a standard-definition video content.
4-6 Mbit/s provides decent web browsing experience; sufficient to stream HD videos; makes possible to download some digital files within about 20 minutes.
6-10 Mbit/s allows for excellent internet surfing experience; generally fast enough to stream 1080p videos.
10-20 Mbit/s enables reliable experience to stream or download digital content rapidly.
20+ Mbit/s an ideal solution for anyone who wants to run multiple applications at once.

What is upload speed?

vpnspeedUpload speed measures how fast data is sent from your device to a required server. It is relevant when transporting high-volume files over email or streaming live videos.

Options to choose the best VPN for fast connection speed

  • Download and upload speed test

Having subscribed for a proper VPN service and installed the client on your device, have a look at download and upload speeds along with average pings and latency. The numbers are usually addicted to the actual location, but the best fast VPN will definitely show excellent results.

  • VPN servers’ availability

Some users recommend routing the traffic over a VPN server located in the other part of the world to catch a noticeable lag that can be created by the added distance. That’s exactly why you should pay the attention to the services that provide network parks with multiple VPN server location options allowing for connecting to the fastest VPN server.

  • Simultaneous connections

As practice shows, the less number of devices that can connect to the VPN service at the same time is provided, the slower bandwidth you receive. In such a way, if you download files on the PC while surfing the Internet on the mobile gadgets or plying on the game console, you can face issues with slow internet connectivity.

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