XML Flash Slideshow Demos

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Demo 01 – Wipe transition, no navigation

By setting the "showNav" parameter to "false", you can hide the navigation. This example also randomizes the images by setting "randomize" to "true", so if you refresh the page, the images will show up in different order.
View xml used to create above demo.


Demo 02 – Transparent Background, Permanent nav/captions

This text is set in html of the page, with the slideshow placed transparently on top. The pattern is set as a background of the container div in html. The slideshow can be placed transparently on top of html content making it very simple to integrate into your existing site.
View xml used to create above demo and the
background image.

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Demo 03 – Integrating Into Existing Flash Projects

In this demo the slideshow is loaded externally using the MovieClip.load() method. Using the same swf, you can create multiple slideshows not only on one page, but within the same flash project.

Download the xml and flash files used in above project.



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Demo 04 – Custom Buttons

In the above example, the slideshow is loaded into another movie, where it is controlled by a custom set of buttons. For more info on how to control the slideshow with ActionScript see this post. You will also notice a volume slider for the music, and a custom text field that shows the current image out of the total number of images along with the title of the image. Download incudes the fla of the container with all the buttons for you to modify. None of the graphic user elements can be re-destributed. Download This Demo.

Images in above demos courtesy of sxc.hu

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