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  • Flash player 6 or higher
  • HTML/Text Editor such as notepad or DreamWeaver
  • FTP program to upload files to your site
What is XML Flash Slideshow?

It’s a simple, lightweight flash slideshow that is easy to set up, customize and update.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants a beautiful way to display photos on a web page.

Notable Features

iPhone & iPad friendly

Comes with a php/javascript gallery that will display on the iPhone using your content.

Fully Customizable

Position, size, colors, opacities, text styles, transitions, nearly everything is at your control.

Auto Resizing
Auto Resizing

The gallery will automatically re-resize your images and re-position the interface to fit your dimensions.

Keyboard Navigation
Keyboard Control

Browse the images with the LEFT, RIGHT and SPACE keys.

Custom Buttons
No Flash Software Required

Comes complete with a published flash move, ready to create your customized flash slideshow.

More Features

Customize Your Transitions

Choose from a wide range of transition types, and customize each one with different tweens types.

Easily Updatable

Simply upload more images and add them to xml. They will appear in the slideshow automatically!

Smart Image Loading

Images are loaded one by one, so there are never any hick ups. The current slide will not switch until the next image has fully loaded.

Need even more options, like playing videos, full screen mode and Ken Burns effect? Check out XML Flash Slideshow Plus.

What’s included?

slideshow.swf – Allows you to set up a customizable flash slideshow without using Flash Authoring Program

slideshow.html – Ready to use slideshow with slideshow.swf embedded and flash detection set up.

flashdetection.js – Detects for flash player 6 or higher

slideshow.xml – Simple xml to add images and customize the slideshow.

Manage your slideshow with ease

Nifty ManagerNifty Manager is a PHP based application that runs on your web server and allows you to publish and manage content for XML Flash Slideshow. SHOW ME

Price: $20


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Flash Nifties is a collection of flash components and tools designed to take the pain out of creating rich interactive presentations. These robust flash tools can be set up in minutes, and most have a fully functional free download, so you can give them a try without putting up any cash. Enjoy!


"Masterfully executed!"

I would like to say that you have done an amazingly great job! Masterfully executed! Throughly designed! Perfect in every way. Thank you so much for offering a photo gallery that works like a photo gallery should.

Steve Nyhof (Auto flash gallery)

"Can't say enough good things"

Just bought your product and i can't say enough good things about it. I'm not the most proficient flash user, which is part of the reason i got this product...to help a project.

Sandlog (Flash Media Gallery)

"All I could have asked for an more"

I've used your xml flash gallery just a couple of days, but I was so impressed that I just had to give you props. This is all I could have asked for an more. Thanks!

Todd D. (XML flash gallery)

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