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Getting Started

How to set up Nifty Manager for Flash Gallery Pro

Step1 – Set up log in

It is recommended that you set a unique username and password before using Nifty Manager. By default the username and password are set to "admin" To change these, open login.php and change the following two settings at the very top:


Note: Only change the value between Quotes. Save login.php when finished.

Step 2 – Upload to your site

Using an FTP program upload the entire nifty_manager folder to your site. You can place it in the main site folder, or in a sub-folder. Example:

Step 3 – Set file permissions

Nifty Manager needs to have permission to write to certain files and folders. You can set permissions pretty easily using an FTP program. Set permissions for setup.xml and the content folder in the nifty_manager folder on your site to 777. If you are using FileZilla, for example, right-click on the file and select "File permissions". In the following dialogue box, check off all the boxes and press "OK".


Step 4 – Add new slideshow or gallery

Point your browser to the freshly uploaded nifty_manager folder. Example: Log in using the username and password you set in step 1. You should see the admin panel with a button that says "Add new"; click it. You will see a form asking you for some information. You have a couple of options:

The lazy way. Just press "Save" leaving all the fields blank. This will set up a slideshow/gallery in the content folder, using the sample files provided with the download.

The organized way. Give your slideshow/gallery a name and provide absolute paths for each of the fields that ask for a URL. The paths don’t have to be to actual files, just where you want the files to be. For example, if you want to create an html page in the root of your site called "pictures.html", you’d enter for the second field (replace with your domain name). Enter paths for .swf and .xml files. For images, enter the URL where you want nifty manager to upload images. No slash (/) is needed at the end. Max image width and Max image height should be the width and height to which uploaded images will be scaled down (in pixels). Uploaded images don’t get scaled up.

Import existing slideshow or gallery. If you already have slideshow or galery files on your site you can import them into Nifty Manager. Enter absolute paths for your files and the images folder where you want Nifty Manager to upload new images. Example:
Important: You need to set permissions for your existing .xml file and images folder to 777. See step 3.

Step 5 – Start Managing

In the admin panel, you should now see your freshly created slideshow or galery with links to setup, edit, delete, and view.

Setup takes you back to the form in step 4 where you can make changes.

Edit lets you add/remove images, change the order of the images, and customize the appearance.

Delete will remove the item from Nifty Manager. By default, files do not actually get deleted in the process. To chane this see deleting files

View is a link to the html page specified in step 4.


Nifty Manager makes it very easy to manage your images. From the main admin screen click the edit link. In the images tab you can upload new images, edit the settings for your existing ones and delete.

Uploading Images

To upload images press the "Select Files" button at the bottom. In the dialogue box, locate the images on your computer and select one or more by holding down the Shift key. The images will appear in a list with image names and sizes. Press "Start Upload" to upload the images to your site. After the images finish uploading, the page will refresh and the new images will appear in the list above. You can now customize captions, transitions and other settings. If the uploaded images are large, they will be scaled down to the Max image width and height set in options.

Image Settings

For each image you can change the image path, upload a new image, set caption, link, etc. To view all the settings press the "more settings" link. You only need to set the values which you want to be specific to that image. If you leave any field (except image) blank, the global settings will be applied to that image. You can change the values for multiple images, and press the "Save" button. To remove the image, check the "delete" box and press the "Save" button. The image will be removed from the slideshow or gallery, but not from your server.


For Slideshow Plus you can upload videos just as you would images. Videos do not have previews, so a gray box is used instead.


Click the SORTING tab and drag the images around until you like the order. Click the "Save" button when finished. It’s that easy!


To delete an image, check the delte checkbox and press "Save". By default, Nifty Manager does not delete the actual image files from your server. You can use your FTP program to delete files, or if you want Nifty Manager to delete files, open login.php using an html editor and change $delete_files="false"; to $delete_files="true";

WARNING: Setting $delete_files="true"; may lead to data loss. When deleting images, the actual image file will be permenately removed from your server. When deleting a slideshow or gallery from Nifty Manager admin panel, all the files associated with that install will be removed, including any images in the images folder. For safety, only files actually created by Nifty Manager are deleted.


Nifty Manager provides and intuitive interface for changing the settings of the gallery. Settings are broken up into groups for convenience. All colors can be changed by using a color picker, and the field’s background changes to the selected color. All settings that have pre-defined options are represented by a drop down.

Upgrading the .swf

If you purchased a copy of the Nifty product you can easily replace the free version. Simply upload the .swf file from the purchased download to the slideshow/ (or gallery/) folder within nifty_manager folder, overwriting the free one.


Full license agreement comes with the product, but here’s a brief overview of what you may and may not do. If you have any questions about usage, don’t hesitate to send an email.

Install this software on one site. Install the software on a client’s site and charge the client what you wish for it. Customize the look of the software.

Install the software on more than one site. Re-sell the software. Re-distribute the software in any way other than passing it to a client once. Use significant portions of the sofware code in other projects.


Cannot log in
Open login.php in an html editor and see what you set $username;and $userpass to. Make sure you don’t have any spaces.

Cannot create slideshow
When you click the Save, you get a warning that goes something like this:

Warning: file_put_contents(setup.xml) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /nifty_manager/settings.php on line 151

This means that Nifty Manager does not have sufficient permissions to write to your server. Set file permissions for setup.xml to 777. Also set file permissions for all of the files that you are entering in the form to 777 as well. If you are entering file paths in the root directory of your site that don’t exist, try uploading sample files via ftp first, and setting permissions to them to 777. See step 3 in getting started.

Images don’t upload
This is probably a permissions issue. Set permissions to the images folder you set in setup to 777. See step 3 in getting started.

I see a slideshow listed in the admin, but clicking edit I get nothing.
Your slideshow files are missing, or have been moved. To fix, click the setup link in the admin panel, double-check the paths and hit save.

No image previews in IMAGES panel
If you import an existing xml that uses relative paths, the paths may not register in Nifty Manager. This does not mean that the paths are wrong. To ensure you can view the images in both Nifty Manager and you slideshow, make your paths absolute. (/images/youpicture.jpg)

Images get added to the gallery, but don’t actually upload
On some server environments folders created by php don’t get the correct permissions applied to them. If this is the case, try deleting the images folder from content/ and then create a new one using your FTP program. Set permissions to 777 and try uploading images again.

Can’t find an answer here
Please post your question in the support forum.



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Just bought your product and i can't say enough good things about it. I'm not the most proficient flash user, which is part of the reason i got this help a project.

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