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Flash Player 6 Required

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  • Flash player 8 or higher
  • HTML/Text Editor such as notepad or DreamWeaver
  • Flash 8 or higher if using the component
  • FTP program to upload files to your site
  • PHP 5 enabled web server
What is Flash Media Gallery?

It’s a powerful flash application that can read the contents of a folder and display all the images, videos, mp3s, text, swf files and sub-folders in an elegant multi-category gallery. All you need to do is upload new content and it will appear in the gallery.

Who uses it?

Anyone who wants to keep a vast amount of media organized behind a beautiful interface. Flash Media Gallery is beloved by web designers and developers because it’s highly customizable and can seamlessly fit into just about any design.

Notable Features

Unlimited Levels of Categories/Sub-categories

There is NO LIMIT to the number of categories, or levels of sub-categories.

Video, images, music & more

Display galleries of images, videos, text pages, flash movies and play music all with one powerful application.

Fully Customizable

Every color, font, width, height, transparency, etc is controlled by a simple settings file.

Auto Resizing

The gallery will automatically re-resize your images and re-position the interface to fit your dimensions.

AS2 Component

Use the gallery in your Flash ActionScript 2 projects by dragging and dropping the component into your flash files.

More Features

You can exclude files and folders from the gallery. You can also control the order of your content by naming your files with a leading number and setting the gallery to omit the first few characters from file names. So “01_Folder Name” will show up as “Folder Name”
Auto, XML, or Hybrid
You can set the gallery to use xml instead of the auto php script for more control over your content. You can also combine the control of xml and convenience of auto script. Add an xml file to your content folder, and the gallery will insert it into the gallery xml.
Easy Updates
Got new pictures or videos you want to share with the world? Just upload them to the site and you’re done! They will automatically appear in the gallery.

What’s included?

mediaGallery.swf – Allows you to set up a gallery without using Flash Authoring Program

mediaGallery.html – Main mediaGallery page with mediaGallery.swf embedded and flash detection set up.

mediaGallery.mpx – Flash MX + component for advanced developers

mediaGallery.fla – Includes all the skins/buttons used in the gallery for further customizations (not source of component)

auto_folders.php – Reads a specified directory and outputs xml for the gallery.

folders.xml – Example xml can be used in place of auto_folders.php for manual organization of files.

styles.txt – All settings can be adjusted through this simple text document.

flashdetect.js – Detects for flash player 6 or higher

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Flash Nifties is a collection of flash components and tools designed to take the pain out of creating rich interactive presentations. These robust flash tools can be set up in minutes, and most have a fully functional free download, so you can give them a try without putting up any cash. Enjoy!


"Masterfully executed!"

I would like to say that you have done an amazingly great job! Masterfully executed! Throughly designed! Perfect in every way. Thank you so much for offering a photo gallery that works like a photo gallery should.

Steve Nyhof (Auto flash gallery)

"Can't say enough good things"

Just bought your product and i can't say enough good things about it. I'm not the most proficient flash user, which is part of the reason i got this product...to help a project.

Sandlog (Flash Media Gallery)

"All I could have asked for an more"

I've used your xml flash gallery just a couple of days, but I was so impressed that I just had to give you props. This is all I could have asked for an more. Thanks!

Todd D. (XML flash gallery)

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