Flash Drawing Guestbook Documentation

Flash Guestbook Setup

Your download includes everything you need to create a stand-alone flash guestbook or a guestbook to add to your html pages. You do not need the Flash Authoring application.

Step1 – Upload all included files

After unzipping the files, upload all contents of the folder to a directory on the server.

Step 2 – Set Permissions to Data Folder

set permissionsIn your ftp program right click or (control click on mac) on the “data” folder and select “set permissions” or if that’s not available, “get info”. It will depend on your ftp program. Fetch looks like the image to the left. Set permissions to 777. This will allow php to write new entries to the folder. That’s it. You should not be able to load guestbook.php in your browser and add entries.

Customizing Your Guestbook

Your download comes with everything you need to create a custom looking guestbook to add to your project.

Setting Entry Size Limit

The default size limit for entries is 100K. If you feel that is a bit restrictive, you can set your own limit. The easiest way to do that is to open guestbook.html and find the following like of code:
so.addVariable("maxDrawingSize", "100")
And change the 100 to whatever you want it to be.

If you are using the guestbook within another flash project, you will want to modify the maxDrawingSize parameter of the component.

Changing the way the guestbook looks

To change the way the guestbook looks, you will need to have flash authoring software. If you don’t have it, you can download a fully functional 30 day free trial from the Adobe site.

Open guestbook.fla and open the library. There you will find all the elements that are used in the guestbook. You can modify these to your liking, just don’t change the names of any elements, as that may stop the guestbook from functioning.

If you are using the guestbook in another flash movie, you will need to transfer the guestbook assets folder into your project in addition to the guestbook component.

Using Guestbook outside of file structure.

By default, the guestbook will look in the same directory for all the necessary files. If you want to use the guesbook ouside the guestbook folder, you will need to let the guestbook know where all the relevant files are. To do so, pass the datapath variable to the swf with the path to the main guestbook folder.


var so = new SWFObject("nifties/guestbook.swf", "gallery", "100%", "100%", "6", "#FFFFFF");
so.addVariable("datapath", "nifties/guestbook/")

In the above example, the page that houses the guestbook is in the root directory. There is a folder in the root called nifties, within that there is a folder called guestbook. Notice the trailing slash "/", that has to be there. datapath is also a parameter of the component, so it can be changed within flash as well.




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"Masterfully executed!"

I would like to say that you have done an amazingly great job! Masterfully executed! Throughly designed! Perfect in every way. Thank you so much for offering a photo gallery that works like a photo gallery should.

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Just bought your product and i can't say enough good things about it. I'm not the most proficient flash user, which is part of the reason i got this product...to help a project.

Sandlog (Flash Media Gallery)

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I've used your xml flash gallery just a couple of days, but I was so impressed that I just had to give you props. This is all I could have asked for an more. Thanks!

Todd D. (XML flash gallery)

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